Industrial Furnaces Experts


Vall Carr we are a family business founded in 1991 by professionals with More than 30 years of industry experience. Originally dedicated to assembly and maintenance of refractory lining and is currently providing a service.
Integrated design of industrial furnaces to measure, both at the national level and internationally. Mainly developing our business in the sector metallurgist ceramics and treatment of any type of waste.

The professionalism of our operators, as well as the availability to meet the immediate needs of our customers
are a sign of our identity.


  1. Professional - Provide professional quality service, having a professional profile qualified by training and certification ISO 9001/2000.
  2. Innovative - Improving our stock trading and new technology that we give a value-added and a new vision and business for our organization


VallCarr specializes in:

  1. All kinds of refractory lining to any of the models of industrial furnaces and their components.
    1. Isolation and Gunite (concrete plans at any height and distance) of industrial furnaces
    2. We take care of the construction of molds (for the realization of shuttering), either metal or wood. Our goal is to make the refractory lining with the accuracy that require all ovens.
    3. All kinds of tools needed to mount installations and industrial furnaces in the customers site.
  2. We have an R & D department, which is nourished by the experience of the firm and specializes in
    carry out projects to measure any industrial furnace and its auxiliary facilities.
    1. Around any industrial robot created a series of components that VALLS-CARRAS is not indifferent, is involved in its development and advises, as can be:
      1. Elements of filtration
      2. Elements and combustion plants and heating
      3. Loading systems
      4. Transport system
      5. Electronic controls of process
  3. Maintenance of all types of industrial furnaces, specializing in furnaces for smelting aluminum and steel.
  4. Repair and redesigned any metal structure of the furnaces of our customers.

For this reason we have prepared for their design and construction, thus completed the engineering service to any cliente.SERVICE CUSTOM AND MEASURE

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